Did you know that over 63,000 searches are conducted on Google every single second? That equals out to about 2 trillion searches a year. Google, the most used search engine on the planet, uses an algorithm that determines what shows up in their results, and where it shows up when users make a search. To beat this algorithm, and have your website show up within their top results, you have to use what’s called SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practice of using both on-page, and off-page factors to boost your site’s credibility with the search engine, therefore, boosting your rankings. On-page factors include things like website load speed, and mobile compatibility, while off page-factors include things like links from other reputable websites and other marketing factors that take place off of your website like guest blogging, social media marketing, etc. 

With so many searches being conducted on the internet, you can guarantee that it is crucial to your business’s success that SEO is a part of your marketing plan. With over half of the world’s population now online, and 81% of consumers and 94% of B2B conducting online searches before purchasing from, or visiting a business, your online visibility matter more than ever. Sure, you can waste your time and money on PPC ads, but SEO not only boosts your rankings without breaking the bank, but its practices and methods help you establish overall brand and website credibility. In the digital age, a well functioning and purposeful website are what consumers are looking for. If you are interested in diving deeper into SEO, check out our infographic on the Top 10 SEO Trends you need to keep an eye out for in 2020. 

Infographic by: Oregon Web Solutions

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