Women Breasts

1. The average breast weights 1.1lbs and contains 4-5% of the body’s total fat.
2. Just like penis, breasts swell up when aroused.
3. The average female nipple is 3/8′‘ long when erected.
4. The average breast size in America is 36C. 15 years ago it was 34C.
5. The sizes would be unattractive in the Middle Ages as small, wide set breasts were considered 
perfection back then.
6. In 2008 there were 307,230 breast enlargements were performed in the US alone.
7. The average surgery is around $3,700.
8. Probably why 20,967 women removed their implants in 2008 – And don’t forget 17,903 breast reductions were performed… on men 😉
9. Initially, seargons performed many types of implants, casued issue as well.
10. Sheyla Hershey is said to have the world’s largest breast implants in history.
11. Bra like garments have existed for women since the 7th century BC, however large scale production didn’t begin until the 1930’s.
12. If you don’t want a bra at all, women are allowed to be completely bra-less in some states.
13. Breast milk is more wanted than cow milk.
14. 5% of newborns milk for the first 2 months after birth.
15. Don’t smoke if you want to avoid saggy boobs.

See below infographic for more details about Breasts