There are whole different ways to propose a woman and to please her. Some men choose to be funny and ask a simple question, while others like it to be simple and sweet. But very few men arrange epic proposals. They give want to give an impression about how a man’s love should look like, or this is how a man is supposed to behave when he is truly in love with a woman.

But that not all, that’s not only ways you judge if a man is truly in love or not. Because every man has different set of values and mindset. And they can show their true love in different ways.

Here are 5 most common things that every man would do if truly in love with a woman.

1. Showing Respect

True lovers (men) wants to be very serious. And respect is the foundation of any human relationship. If a man does not disrespect his woman in any way – he’s not truly in love. He only sees her as a piece of his desires. When you genuinely love her, you will respect her as an individual. They will value her opinions, ideas, feelings and treat her as an equal.

2. Honesty

A man truly in love with his woman would be very honest at all occasions, he would not play games or over react in any way. He will be himself and would always stand with his values. Even if his woman is pointing him in wrong direction.
If you are a man or a woman, the honesty is very important in any relationship – it’s the basic pilar and if you don’t have that you have nothing. Be honest with each other to have successful relationships.

3. To Become a Better Pserson

If a man is truly in love with a woman, he would continually be adopting himself and making him a better person each and every day. He would look at his mistakes very carefully and would understand – not only that he would also apologise for anything wrong he’d have done and would never make the same mistake again.
So it’s like improvements – becoming a better person as time passes. You will see him feeling shameful at his past deeds that he’s improved.

4. Remembering Important Things

Only fake lovers forget important things about their relationships. Men are very good at remembering things that they value in their lives. If they do not remember important incidents, dates or moments spent with you at all – they are not truly in love.
One thing is important, they may pretend at some point that they do not remember. That doesn’t mean they are not truly in love. So you need to find out if they are pretending or not.

5. Fight for You Love

If it’s a true love men would die for it. They won’t hesitate to risk their life for their true love. Because that the only thing they care the most in their lives – True Love!
You don’t need to judge them and staging moments to test it out – because they would know this and feel bad about it. It would hurt their feelings.