Ready To Launch Website

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This is a product description and should be used to highlight features. This is the perfect place to market your product and convince your site visitors to make the purchase. After all, you want to make some money, right?

Our shop is built with the popular WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.


We will get you a fully customized ready to launch website.

Steps to proceed.

  1. You should have a hosting account, if not, please get one here.
  2. A domain name, if don’t have one. Get one registered here.

You are good to go.

Once you place the order, you will get an email of the information we need to get started with your order.

Here is the sample of information we need from you.

1-  Hosting account credentials – to host your new website

2. Domain registrar credentials – to link your new domain to your new website

3. Industry (tell us about what you need this website for, is this a new blog or a company website?)

4. Company / Website Information

  • Company Name / Website Name
  • Logo (attach the logo – if you don’t have one, we can develop a great logo for $25. Order Now)
  • Color scheme (Please mention three color codes that you like)
  • Images – send us images you want to include on the website (max 3)
  • Contact information (address, phone, email)
  • Tell us where the contact form enquiries should go (email address)