Citigroup, Voya Financial, and Tesla are amongst some of the world’s biggest and most famous companies in the world according to Fortune 500. But, how profitable really are they and are some better at profiting than others?
A new infographic released by RS Components reveals which sectors are falling behind in terms of their profits and how much it cost them.
The biggest losses in the Fortune 500:
  1. Citigroup – $6.8 billion
  2. AIG – $6.1 billion
  3. General Electric – $5.8 billion
  4. General Motors – $3.9 billion
  5. Dell Technologies – $3.7 billion

Some hooks this piece reveals:

  • The financial industry has had the biggest losses with Citigroup, AIG, Hartford Financial Services and Voya Financial all coming within the top 10 biggest losses
  • Despite General Motors ranking in 10th place overall in the Fortune 500 companies, it had a loss of 3.9 billion in 2017

Are you surprised at the losses of some of the companies above?