Cassini – Intro

Cassini was launched back in October, 25th 1997 and it’s mission was to observe Satrun and it’s moons closely. It has been orbiting around Satrun since and yesterday it hit the Satrun and destroyed itself and NASA called it the complete of Cassini mission.

Immense Discovery by Cassini

“Cassini discovered that Enceladus has plumes of water vapor and gas shoot out of cracks in the surface. That water means there’s a liquid ocean beneath the ice-covered surface, which may have geothermal vents like those found at the bottom of our oceans. The discovery was immense: It shot Enceladus to the top of the list of places where we could possibly find life in our solar system. It could be the site of a second genesis — where life formed, evolved, and prospered undisturbed on another world. If even a few small microbes were found in its waters, it would be one of the greatest scientific findings of all time.”

Information source: Cassini finale beautiful photos

Final Moments in Cassini Mission Control: The project manager and all other members celebrate the success.

See the video from NASA below.